How to spot a fake Hareem al Sultan Gold perfume?

Listen up perfume peeps, spotting a fake Hareem al Sultan Gold perfume is like playing perfume detective but don’t worry we’ve got your back.

We all know that Hareem al Sultan Gold is taking the Tiktok world by storm! With so many people raving about this product, and so many of you wanting to buy it!

So then what happens? With the increasing demand, and the fear you are missing out (Oh, the pesky FOMO), places go out of stock and those counterfeit, fake Hareem Sultan’s rise in the market.

Many of you are getting duped as you don’t know how to spot a fake Hareem al Sultan Gold from an authentic one.

Just imagine your disappointment when the lovely package you’ve been hyped about and desperately waiting for arrives at your door. You open with sheer delight, waiting to impress all your family and friends, but when you open, your heart sinks, you realise you have been duped by a fake Hareem Sultan perfume oil.

We all know the feeling; that nauseating feeling in the pit of your stomach, like you’ve been punched in the gut! Then imagine what it feels like to know you have to fork out more money yet again for the original. You feel guilty by being duped by the cheap product in the first place.

Save yourself the heartache and guilt by ensuring you buy the authentic trending perfume oil.

So here’s quick and indispensible guide that’ll save you from getting duped by the fake Hareem al Sultan Gold, you can thank us for it later!

Here’s 9 ways on how to spot a fake Hareem Sultan Gold perfume versus a fake one:

  1. Pricey or Priceless? If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Authentic perfumes come with a certain price range, and significant discounts may indicate a fake product. High-quality perfumes often come with a matching price tag, so be wary of those “three-for-one” specials from shady vendors!

Do yourself a favour, always remember , If it’s too cheap, it’s too good to be true!”

  • Seal of Authenticity – Another way to spot a fake Hareem Sultan, is to look for the holographic seal of authenticity. You’ll find it on the top corner on the front of the box, saying ‘Khadlaj’ on it in Arabic and English. Now, we all know that companies can create fake seals, but it’s something to be aware of. With all the other information we are giving you, you can be sure that your purchase is authentic.
  • CSI: Colour, Smell, Intensity: It’s all in the CSI baby! Compare the colour and smell of the fragrance to a known authentic version or sample. If it seems off or weaker than a kitten’s sneeze, you’re probably dealing with a fake!
  • Label sticker on bottom – Turn the bottle upside down (just make sure the lid is on properly, you really don’t want to waste any of this exquisite perfume). You’ll see a sticker label on the bottom of the glass bottle. Some fakes don’t have a sticker there.
  • UAE written on label – You’ll also see  ‘UAE’ on the label sticker. This is where it’s manufactured. If it doesn’t, or says something else, then of course, it’s a fake.
  • Arabic Name Printed on Bottle – A really quick way of identifying a fake is seeing the words ‘Hareem al Sultan’ in Arabic printed on the front of the glass bottle in black. If these words aren’t there, then you have your answer!
  • Arabic Writing – Yet another easy way of spotting a fake Hareem Sultan from the real thing, is by looking at the bottom right corner on the front of the box. It will say the word Khadlaj there in Arabic too. If it doesn’t, duh, walk away J.
  • Colour – And if that’s not enough to identify a fake Hareem al Sultan then look at the colour. The colour of the perfume oil is more of a yellow tint when you look at it from outside the bottle, rather than a clear, lighter clear oil.
  • Packaging Materials – A genuine Hareem Sultan perfume will come with a cellophane wrapping The original box of Hareem Sultan perfume oil is also sealed in a clear plastic wrapping, but even fakes are – so don’t just rely on this but use this with the combination of other ways above and you will be well on your way to being good at spotting a fake!

We hope you benefited from our guide, “9 Ways to spot a Hareem al Sultan Gold versus a fake one” as much as we loved sharing it with you.

And if you just want read a quick summary of how to spot a fake Harem Sultan, then in a nutshell:

  • Just remember if it’s cheap, it’s too good to be true.
  • Look for the holographic seal of authenticity
  • Look for the Arabic words Hareem al Sultan written on the glass bottle
  • Look for the label on the bottom of the bottle and words UAE
  • Check out the yellow colour of the perfume oil

Now you are really equipped with everything you need to spot a fake Hareem al Sultan! We are confident that this will help you with spotting other fake perfumes in the future.

Now why not help others from getting scammed by the all fake Hareem al Sultans out there!

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