Welcome to the captivating world of Hareem al Sultan Gold Perfume Oil

Are you feeling tired, fatigued, dull, drained of energy and loosing the playful zest you had for life as a child?

Imagine this…

We all know what it’s like, the stress of life: be it work stress, the family, kids stress, all weighing you down like an anchor, leaving you adrift in a sea of weariness.

You don’t even realise how much you’ve come away from your child-like inner self until suddenly, you catch a whiff of a magical perfume, the tides begin to turn. A burst of invigorating freshness envelops you, like a gentle breeze carrying you the promise of feeling alive and invigorated again.

The fragrance weaves its magic, lifting your spirits and breathing back life into your weary soul. You begin to smile again and a sense of upliftment overtakes your weary heart and soul.

This uplifting scent bursts with vibrant citrus notes, infusing the air with positivity and energy. Like the first rays of the morning sun, it awakens your senses and ignites a newfound spark within you! The scent gives you a profound realisation to embrace the beauty and joy of life!

As the scent settles, a bouquet of delicate flowers unfurls, each petal representing a promise of renewal in your life! The fragrance oil instantly uplifts and boots you into a blissful state of feeling joyful and uplifted.

And then, like a beacon of light in the darkness, the base notes emerge exuding warmth and sensuality, you suddenly forget about past and present issues and are instantly transported into the present moment with a newfound sense of joy. The stressful situations, the past regrets, the current stresses, all fade away as you are instantly transported with your sense of smell to the present moment of delight and rapture of the fragrance. It’s as if you have put on some rose tinted spectacles and are looking at the world in a new light. The stresses melt away as the uplifting scent transports you to a sense of euphoria of joy.

With this uplifting perfume oil, you have found a magical potion that instantly transforms and invigorates you with the citrusy scent, delicate florals and comforting base notes which reminds you that even amidst the weariness of life, there is always a glimmer of hope- a fragrance that truly embraces you like a ray of sunshine. Ready to carry you through the day with renewed energy and joyful heart.

It’s a perfume oil you will find truly indispensible!

So shall we reveal this magical perfume oil that’s sure to uplift you and put a smile on your face?

It’s been taking TikTok world by storm…

Welcome to the world of Hareem al Sultan Gold Perfume Oil.

What does Hareem al Sultan Gold Perfume smell like?

Instead of going through your day like a zombie with daily routines, and chores to do each day, day after day, in a robotic fashion…

Picture this…

Imagine going through your day with the same routines but instead of robotically; imagine doing them as if you are strolling through a sun-kissed garden, surrounded by vibrant blooms and a zest of citrus fruits dancing in the air. You still have all our routines and chores to get done, but you are doing them with a jump, skip and a hop, feeling more lighter and more joyful, instead of allowing them to weigh you down! What a difference!

Welcome to the beautific essence of Hareem al Sultan Gold!

Hareem al Sultan reminds us just this! It reminds us to flow through life with the zest of life and underlying passion, when we lose both of these; we become weary and tired in life.

This delightful and invigorating fragrance perfume oil captures the best of both worlds: Oriental and Occidental, Eastern and Western; where the wild, elegant, sensuous and sophisticated all collide in a perfect symphony to tantalize the senses.

Imagine going through life with a childlike joy, as if you are hopping, skipping, running and jumping through life. Imagine the difference of moving through life in a weary manner, or moving through life with a more uplifted and joyful outlook. Which is better?

This is where the power of scents come into play and with Hareem al Sultan Gold you can be sure of a powerful combination of fragrant notes in a lasting concentrated perfume oil.

The soft, elegant aromas blend seamlessly with the citrus notes balancing the sweetness with the lively and uplifting touch. It really is a unique combination that you won’t want to be without!

It’s no wonder everyone wants to get their hands on it!

Now let’s now take you on a heart-warming journey through some of the fragrance notes and their aspects of Hareem al Sultan Gold Perfume Oil:

What does Hareem al Sultan Gold smell like?

Feeling tired, weary and just lacking the zest of life?

The journey of Hareem al Sultan Gold begins with a burst of zesty, uplifting citrus fruits. The citrusy notes in the perfume oil invigorate and uplift your spirit. The radiant bergamot and the citrusy notes infuse an energizing mood and energy that sets the stage for the floral aspect of the perfume oil.

The citrusy notes will whisk your senses into feeling lighter more uplifted and less weighed down; this aspect reminds you to flow through life in a more light-hearted way.

What about romance, do you feel lacking romance in your life?

You feel your partner has lost their zing at times or you feel you are lacking in femininity and sensuality?

Then Hareem al Sultan Gold is your perfect companion to the rescue because of some of its fragrance notes.

At its heart, the captivating symphony of delicate florals combined together with a subtle scent of sensual flowers like jasmine and rose, create a sweet and romantic aroma that is sure to evoke special memories in the bedroom department.

The florals release their intoxicating scent, like a harmonious melody that enchants your senses. The jasmine adds a touch of sensuality and sophistication to the mix, while the rose brings a romantic and dewy aspect, creating an aura of femininity and grace.

The rose flower has always been symbolic of love and romance. The subtle hint of rose and jasmine, brings the aspect of romance into the mix of Hareem al Sultan Gold.

So if you feel you are lacking in the bedroom, bring Hareem al Sultan into your life and see for yourself how the scent unfolds. After all, it’s not named Hareem al Sultan for no reason!

Meantime, the earthy and woody subtle notes of patchouli  and sandalwood lend an exotic touch, creating a sense of mystery, adventure, and allure that goes well in the bedroom department.

As you apply the fragrance to your skin and allow it to develop, the journey of the base notes come into play, with a subtle woody essence of sandalwood, evoking a sense of serenity and warmth bringing the sensual dance of musk and patchouli into the picture.

The musk becomes more pronounced, and its subtle sensuality intertwines with the lingering floral elegance to draw you deeper into the fragrance’s exotic embrace, while leaving a trail of enchantment wherever you go.

You will find those around asking what fragrance you are wearing, even though it’s not overpowering or strong, yet  has a subtle, distinct fragrance that is long lasting. It helps you find your feminine balance; it exudes femininity, strong and empowering but not overpowering.

You can’t get any closer to an East meets West perfume oil than Hareem al Sultan Gold, its citrusy, floral and base oriental scents are all rolled into one, evoking a unique scent you and those around you will remember!

Hareem al Sultan Perfume reminds you to embrace the joy of life!

This perfume celebrates nature’s beauty and the joy of life. Hareem al Sultan Gold will uplift you with a zest for life combined with an aura of femininity.

With its enchanting blend of citrusy and freshness and delicate floral fragrance with the musky and sandalwood undertone, this perfume’s a true delight for those of you who want to embrace the zest for life and the beauty of the natural world.

Hareem al Sultan Gold is for those of you that are bold, the dreamers and the seekers of adventure- those that want to embrace life and come out of their weary and tired boredom they may feel at times.  

It’s a perfect companion for those who wish to leave an unforgettable impression wherever they go. So embrace this scent and see for yourself what impression it leaves on you and those around you!

What does Hareem Sultan bottle and packaging look like?

Without a doubt, the packaging and bottle is sure to impress and you surely wouldn’t expect anything less from the Khadlaj brand of perfumes!

Hareem al Sultan Gold concentrated perfume oil is packaged together in an opulent box with embossed gold, which makes a unique head-turning gift for any occasion. Its box packaging is just as classy as the bottle itself, and you won’t expect anything less from the Khadlaj brand of perfumes.

The Hareem al Sultan bottle is a wonder to behold, it’s elegant, chic glass bottle is sure to impress anyone who sees it! It’s extravagantly unique in its design which is uniquely crafted in metallic gold on the glass bottle with sparkling jewels and embellished engraving. The transparent glass bottle with beautiful intricate gems makes it a joy to behold.

The bottle itself exudes style of the Ottoman era, after all the name Hareem was prominent during that time. The sparking gems on the bottle exude opulence and sophisticated quality.

It would make a lovely gift for any occasion and the perfect, unique addition to any perfume collection. Whether it’s for daily use or saved  for that special occasion, the lingering quality of the oil is sure to impress wherever you go!

Hareem al Sultan fragrance is crafted with an oil based formula, which lingers on the skin, creating a subtle yet captivating scent that can uplift the wearer due to the citrusy, floral scents and those around them.

What are Hareem al Sultan Gold Fragrance Notes?

Hareem al Sultan Gold top notes are: Bergamot, Apple, Blackcurrant and Nectarine fruit fragrances

Hareem al Sultan Gold middle notes are: Magnolia, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Freesia and Jasmine

Hareem al Sultan Gold gold base notes are: Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanilla and Musk

How to apply Hareem al Sultan Perfume oil?

Apply a few drops using the drop bottle roller head to pulse points, around neck area and behind ears, for a subtle, long-lasting aroma.

A great way to apply perfume oils to your body are on pulse points which allows the scent to usually last longer than sprays. The skin on pulse points is thinner and therefore warmer, so it allows the oil to warm and diffuse and last longer than on other parts of your body.

Hareem al Sultan Gold is a non alcoholic oil, so you can even apply a few drops of Hareem al Sultan Gold Perfume to your hair, for lovely scent. The hair strands absorb the perfume oil for a lingering scent.

Is Hareem al Sultan Gold Perfume oil non -alcoholic?

Hareem al Sultan Gold contains a high concentration of perfume oil and is non-alcoholic. So it’s suitable for any individual that prefers non-alcoholic perfume oils or is more sensitive to alcohol in their perfume or skincare products. Khadlaj, its manufacturers have even said it can be applied to the hair as well as skin, leaving a subtle, captivating impression.

Do you deliver Hareem al Sultan in the UK and Europe?

Absolutely! We are delighted to say that we deliver the Hareem al Sultan products to the UK and Europe. So if you are looking for Hareem al Sultan Gold Concentrated Perfume oil in the UK, you have come to the right place. For more information regarding our delivery services please click here.

You can rest assured we carefully package our products with love, care and attention so they arrive to you in tip-top condition!

What sizes are the Hareem al Sultan perfume oils?

We are selling the 35ml Hareem al Sultan Gold bottles.

So don’t delay, buy your 35ml Hareem al Sultan perfume oil from us today! This is highly popular trending Arab perfume oil that was released in 2023, so buy now while stocks last!

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